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The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde (9/50)

Basil Hallward paints (and is captivated) by the beauty of a young man called Dorian Gray. Lord Henry, initially a friendo of Basil, meets Dorian. The lord has a particular theory about the senses, the pleasure and life. He gives advide to Dorian to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Basil finishes the picture of Dorian and gives it to the model. The boy realizes he will be old and desires to keep beautiful and young. He falls in love with Sibyl Vane, a theater actress whose feelings towards Prince Charming (Dorian) become increasingly passionate. However, one night in front of everyone she forgets her acting power and gives herself to love. The failure in the theater disappoints Dorian and lead him to leave her. She suicides.

After the suicide the charming portray of Dorian changes its expression. Basil asks to watch his master piece; however, Dorian is ashamed and hides it as if it was some criminal proof. Gray assumes Sibyl's death and continuous going to Opera, searching for beauty as if his soul was a white canvas.

Lord Henry introduces Dorian to the world of The Yellow Book which contains fascinanting elements for the boy. Actually, he becomes obsessed by the ancient crimes, the experiences of life led to the edge. 

The experiences of Dorian go further the English morals. He is searching for pleasure. The women get red when he goes to public gatherings, his friends get "perverted" and his behavior is targeted by London society. 

One day, Basil visits his old friend and can not believe what society says about him. Hallward believes his beauty would have been altered if he had been responsible for the crimes mentioned; hence, Dorian takes the painter to the place where he hid his picture and after a deep feeling of hatred comes out, Gray kills the artist. Dorian forces Alan (a scientist) to disappear the body. Alan does it and suicides.

In a night a woman calls Dorian, Prince Charming. The brother of Sibyl Vane recognyzes him and tries to kill him; however, Dorian asks him to watch his face and think about his age. He is too young to be the old lover of Vane's sister.

While hunting, one of Dorian's friends kills Sibyl's brother. Gray feels relieved. When he watches the picture he looks someone completely modified and perverted: an ugly man. He decides to kill that horrible sign of his biography. After some screams... The people find Dorian on the floor with a very undesirable aspect and the picture unmodified, as charmig as the first time.

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Anónimo dijo...

Cada vez que me reencuentro con esta historia me resulta inevitable pensar lo sencillo que es autozarandearnos. Abrazos, Vicky.

Elena P.G. dijo...

Me recuerdas a mis épocas de estudiante de filología, resumiendo los libros leídos :)