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Speak, Memory-Vladimir Nabokov(11/50)

Vladimir Nabokov was born in St Petesburg in 1899 before the Bolshevik claim for power. Born in an aristocratic family, he had to escape to Crimea in order to avoid the "revolutionary" forces. He lived in London, then in Berlin after finishing his studies in Trinity College, Cambridge. He wrote in Russian and in English; he also domained French. He published novels, translated books; he was professor and one of the greatest writers of XX century. His brother was a great shadow, sometimes the reason to call Vladimir a homophobic great writer.

"Speak, Memory" is a book about the memories of Vladimir Nabokov. The first part is focused on rebuilt images, the strong presence of his mother and the gifts she gave him when he was a child. He describes a powerful family, in a powerful Russia. There is a space of intimacy between Vladimir and his mother, even in hallucinations caused by sounds in which both may give the same descriptions.

In spite of the democratic spirit of Nabokov's father, his feelings towards revolution are related with nostalgia, the sensation of having lost a wonderful world, the nostalgia and "the memory". The author describes how he started to develop a morning passion for hunting and clasifing butterflies.

Nobokov's father was a strong influence. The author describes how they enjoyed chess, their personal jokes, the admiration he had for that respectable character, member of the circles of forense law.Once, the writer believed by mistake his father was going to have a duel, something that broke the beloved boy into tears.

When the story advances, it is described how the Nabokov family must leave Russia, escape to Crimea and then live en Europe. He describes his first adventures of love and his passion for butterflies. However, when he speaks about Sergei, someone who lived a life very similar to Vladimir's, the author tends to take distance and talk from the point of compassion.

When you read it, you do understand why the author felt so sure while living in a Tsarist Russia, even if you firmly defend left wing.

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Elena P.G. dijo...

It seems an interesting book, describing the life of an interesting person´s bacckground.
I´d love to read it!