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Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov (26/50)

Nabokov's "Lolita" was written in 1955. The author was a lover of butterflies, he researched about them and contributed to classify species. When sauntering in USA to get them, he confesses in "Speak, Memory" he was able to know landscapes, personalities and typical features of the North American culture.

The book is about Humbert, a frenchman born in Paris whose father was a hotel owner and whose Enlgish mother died early. Annabel was a girl with whom he could enjoy love and sexual desire which changed his life for ever.

Humbert has a theory about nymphets which are girls that he admires. When his uncle died, he specified that the heritage would not be given unless his nephew moved to America and showed some interest about the bussiness. 

Valeria (Humbert's wife) decides to escape from that exhausting marriage. She has an affaire with a taxi driver with a Russian aspect. 

Humbert moves to America. He lives with Haze family: Charlotte and Dolores. The character feels a deep atraction through Lolita, Charolotte's daughter. The Frenchman marries her; however, she realizes when reading hid diary that he is deeply in love with Lolita, the nymphet. 

Charlotte dies in a car accident.

Humbert takes Lolita and explains her that she has two options: living with him or becoming an orphan with a terrible lifestyle. She agrees traveling with him; however, she gets tired when starts to meet new people.  She runs away with Clare Quilty a playwright and pedophile. 

Solitud devours Humbert's heart. Hence, Rita enters the picture. He picked her up on the road between Montreal and New York. She was a constant company till one day when he recieved a letter from... Lolita.

It is about Lolita telling him she is married, she is pregnant and she needs some money. Dick (her husband) has debts. Humbert inquiries about the origin of the letter and realizes the nymphet is living in an industrial community to eight hundred miles to from New York City. He leaves Rita and drives towards his loved "Lo".

Humbert visited Lolita, and had an awkward conversation, she states firmly she will never return with him. He leaves Dolores' house disappointed.

Although it was a controversial novel, it is clean, sweet and describes Nabokov's version of USA. 

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