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The Captain's Daughter - Alexander Pushkin (35/50)

The Captain's Daughter was first published in 1836. It is the story of "Petrusha", son of Andrei Petrovich  Grinyov, a noble man recognized by Russian society. The boy is at age to enter the service. He is sent to Fort Belogorsk. Savelich a faithful servant escorts him in spite of Petrusha's unmature temper and the dangers of the road.

Going to the Fort, the boy meets Ivan Zurin. In order to demonstrate he is a real man, he gambles. The men should drink and the one who resists most will have the money. Pyotr Andreyevich loses and must pay a sum. When he gets to the Fort, he meets Ivan Kuzmich, his wife and feels captivated by his daughter: Marya Ivanovna.

Shvabrin serves in the Fort Belogorsk. He is also in love with Marya. He makes jokes about Pyotr's love poetry. Situation evolves into a duel. During duel Pyotr has an advantage over his rival, till Savelich interrputs them. Pyotr is hurt seriosly.

Marya takes care of Pyotr till he recovers. Petrusha decides to marry, he writes a letter to his parents in order to count with their consent. In spite of the good reaction of Marya's parents, Pyotr's family rejects the idea and disapprove Andreyevich's behavior.

Fort Belogorsk is near Orenburg. It is a zone surrounded by "semi barbaric" people. Remember the Empires call barbaric everything unfamiliar for their people. Actually, there is a man called Purgachov which states to be the ruler of the empire. Many followers belive him.

People in the Fort underestimate the power of that man. The defense try to resist the attack. Nonetheless, the place is conquered. Purgachov wants to be recognized as a soverign. When Kuzmich and Ignatich deny he is soverign Peter, the invader kills them.

Savelich flatters the invader. On the other side, Pyotr is straightforward but Purchachov is kind with the boy. Actually, he sets him free. 

Petrusha goes to Orenburg, a place born in the middle of war. But pity invades the heart of Pyotr when he thinks about Marya. She is in the invaded Fort and Shvabrin has joined Purgachov. One letter makes the boy take decision: Marya tells him Shvabrin wants her to marry him but he rejects him constantly. Actually, the traitor has enclosed her in order to control her.

Pyotr tells a high rank in Orenburg about the situation but he does not help him. Petrusha decides to return to the fort in order to rescue his little dove. Purgachov is kind with him. When the young man tells him about the way Shvabrin has behaved, the invader decides to help him. Shvabrin tries to hide his traces. Nonetheless, Purgachov is the ruler and free Marya. When the pretender (Purgachov) realizes Marya is the captain's daughter, he feels betrayed. But Pyotr convinces him to let them go. The pretender agree.

Marya is sent to be safe with Pyotr's family but the military force has decided to judge Pyotr for betrayal: they belive the way Purgachov treated him was because of his duties as a spy. He is condemned. Marya decides to visit the empress. An unknown woman but trustworthy hear her story. She was the empress and decides to forgive Pyotr.

Pushkin does not try to use difficult languange. I love the titles he uses for his text. It is unavoidable to feel the cold Russia and the storms while Pyotr is riding from one side to another. What I liked the most about the test was the tenderness of the main character in the middle of an aged full of harsh masculinity.

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