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Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare (14/50)

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon in April 1564. Son of John Shakespeare (one of the richest men in Stratford) and Mary Arden (a woman of gentle birth). Little is known about his early life. 

From 1952 information about his life enriches. "Harry The Sixth" was successful in 1592; it was probably the first part of "Henry VI". At the same time Robert Greene mentions Shakespeare as an amazing creator. Along his life, William was capable to mark English language and to describe human emotions.

Two families are enemies in Verona. They hate each other: on one side the Capulet, on the other side the Montagne. Romeo is a young, passionate and hansome man. Juliet is a femenine and beautiful woman. Paris is a relative of one of the most important men in Verona (the prince) and Friar Laurence a noble and flexible man.

When Romeo meets Juliet in a party, the love between them is born; however, no story can be only love. Capulet and Lady Capulet want to marry their daughter with Paris. Juliet confesses to Nurse (her nearest friend) her love for Romeo: something impossible if considered the war between the families.

Mercutio, a close friend of Romeo, have a fight with Tybalt (Juliet's cousin). Romeo tries to stop the situation but it is impossible. Tybalt gets murdered. The punishment for murder is death; however, the Prince banishes Romeo.

Juliet cries endlessly Tybalt's death. In the deepest side of her heart, she also cries because of Romeo's banishment. Juliet is forced to marry Paris and Lady Capulet says Romeo will pay for Tybalt's death. Friar Laurence gives her a solution: she should drink a poison which will make her seem dead until Romeo arrives to her grave.

Romeo realizes Juliet is dead. The letter of Laurence does not arrive. Romeo suicides with poisen in the grave of Juliet. She wakes up, realizes Romeo is dead. She kisses him and finishes that impossible love. Capulet and Montagne can not believe the tragedy. They understand their old war has made them just more disgraceful. They make peace and promise golden statues for future days.

It has been played and rewritten many times; however, Shakespeare was owner of one of the greatest ways to make fiction about universal topics.

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