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Slaughter in the Dark - Vladimir Nabokov (13/50)

Margot is a teenager who meets Albinus, a rich artist in Berlin. She realizes about the capability he has to make her a great actrees. She plans to conquer his heart. In spite of his marriage, she separates the couple breaking Albinus' old links.

Rex is an old love come from past, he is an illustrator and friend of Albinus. Desire can not be hidden and Margot and Rex start to play the game of passion. That link strengthen when Margot's debut becomes a failure.

Problems do not stop for Albinus. Paul, his brother in law tells him about Albinus' daughter disease. She dies. The main character refuges in Margot idilic image. They marry.

In the honey moon through dark strategies, Rex escorts the couple. Albinus finds out the adventure of Margot. Anger catches him. He takes Margot and advances rutlessly until they have an accident. He becomes blind.

During the "darkness" of the artist, Margot and Rex enjoy his weak condition. Rex takes risks humilliating  Albinus. Paul gets suspicious about his ex brother in law situation. He visits Albinus and helps him to escape.

Albinus returns to Berlin. He can not speak. The betrayers try to lie him again; however, he has planned a slaughter in the dark.

A clean and beautiful story, probably inspired in the language of movies.

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Elena P.G. dijo...

Me estoy dando cuenta de que este Nabokov es sorprendente y que me queda mucho por conocer de él.