sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises (17/50)

Jake is a retiree from war. The event left marks on his body. Brett is a beautiful woman specialist in seduction who likes hostility against Paris. Robert Cohn is a writer belonging to the lost generation of war memebers. Mike is an exboyfriend of Brett, bankrupt and difficult to be when drunk.

The men described and other followers of Brett go to Spain in order to contemplate bullfights. They "enjoy" the encierros and other typical Spanish enterteinment events(and I want to be clear they are Spanish not South American). The femme fatale gets involved with a bull fighter who is loved by everyone.

Cohn challenges the bull fighter. The Spanish man is knocked out. Cohn is banished by Brett. Once in Madrid Brett asks Jake for help. She could not live with the great bull fighter, afterall his life were all bulls.

Jake meets Brett, she is not with that people loved man anymore. When moving through Madrid, she says a life with Jake woud have been great.

To be honest I agree with Nabokov: it is a boring story; however, it was good to learn there was not any translation for bullfight.

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