miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

Anne Frank – The Diary of a Young Girl (18/50)

Anne Frank is a thirteen years old girl and Jewish. She decides to write a diary to share her deep emotions, sharp impressions and constant questions about life.

When she starts writing her diary it is 1942, she lives in Amsterdam and must witness the evolution of Nazi invasion.
Through the diary the reader may contemplate the impressions of Anne respect friends of school and the behavior of Nazi government at the beginning of Amsterdam occupation.

The book inspires powerful feelings when she herself is a victim of German invasion. Some people and Anne’s family must hide into an Annexe of some friends with another Jews.

The imprisonment, the fear and coexistence reveal the sharpest descriptions and the strongest love. Her dislike towards Mrs. Van Daan, the difficult relationship with her mother, the new born love for Peter and the passion for writing, isolate the book from those Hollywood perfect Jews that instead of being victims are holly people.

The book testifies the vision of an universal adolescent always inquiring: Damn! why is the world like this? Why is my world like this?

2 comentarios:

Luz dijo...

Esta obra la leí cuando estaba en el colegio. Me la regaló una de mis mejores amigas por ayudarla con los deberes en una época en la que ella no podía asistir a clase. Inolvidable.

Vicky dijo...

Un libro que hace tan humanos a los judíos, que hace tan adolescente el holocausto, tan alegre la miseria, tan grande un anexo.