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Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (book)

Jane Austen
Mrs Benett has a strong desire, impossible to hide to high society; she wants to marry her daughters to  powerful and respectable men. Benett family keeps a position despite the economical situation of the members, in fact Benetts have not a big amount of money. Actually, Mr Collins is going to iherit their only valuable belongig, their house property. 
One day people realize there is a visitor and respectable man called Mr Bingley. Along the book, there are many meetings that expose values of English High society of the XIX century. Indeed, most of people have an opinion of others depending on their income.
Jane Benett (one of the Mr Bennet's daughter) and Mr Bingley meet and feel particular afecttion for each other. The charming young woman does not show her feelings easily. Mr Bingley has a dear friend called Mr Darcy who is perceived by the Benetts sisters (Jane and Elizabeth) as a proud, cold and severe man who believes he is superior to the most of people.
Mr Wickham tells Elizabeth things that finally convinces her of the real nature of Mr Darcy: cruelty, coldness and proud. Mr Darcy burnt by the flames of love tells her about his feelings. She rejects him in a rude way. She would not agree to be married with that mean man.
Invited by her uncle and aunt, she changes her city. Coincidences, a Darcy's letter and meetings makes her change her mind. Along the period far from home she is able to realize Mr Darcy is different to her premature belief and Wickham an ambitious man with big desires of money. Suddenly she recieves a letter which confirms her fears. One of her sisters is going to get married to Mr Wickham. During this dark age Mr Darcy's shows generosity, kindness and integrity.
Love may prevail over the dark side of the lies, pride and prejudices.

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Elena P.G. dijo...

I read the book long time ago. I used to like the way Austen describes feelings and people. She is one of my favourite writers.