lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee (41/50)

To Kill a Mocking Bird was a book I decided to read because of Harper Lee's death. It is about Jean Louise (Scout), her brother, Jem, Atticus, their father and Calpurnia, a black woman that is like their mother. The novel develops in Maycomb.

Scout is a good reader; actually, since an early age her father has taught her about literature and news. She has troubles because in school sincerity and premature reading is not well seen.

Dill, is a boy that visits Maycomb for seasons. He does not know very well who is his father. But it is not a reason that stops the friendship between the children.

They are obsessed with a neighbor called Boo Radley. He is a man from the country. It was believed a phantom lived inside Radley's house. Any crime in Maycomb was attributed to the ghost. The family that inhabited it did not go to the church. Mr Radley Boo, was one of the two sons of the family. Once, he had acquaintance with a northern band which brought legal troubles for him; however, he was condemned to study in an industrial school. In spite of that opportunity, the Radley boy was never seen again. The doors of the house were always closed.

The children try to leave a note and ring Radley's bell. But Atticus catches them and teaches them about respect for other people. The father inquired Jem about his behavior. A lawyer should never do that. Jem doubts about his professional preferences.

Miss Maudie is the person that links the children with reality. She is a sick woman that is always angry. She tends to say to Jem and Scout Finch, his father is a Negro lover. In this point, the social background of the book begins to strengthen.

Jem feels offended and destroys the flowers of the elder woman. As lesson, Atticus send him to read her every day. She is always sepaking, screaming and angry. But Jem starts to understand the wisdom of his father. One day, the woman dies and Jem feels something unexplainable.

The boys are used to listen that term for his father. Once Scout asks him directly. And Atticus explains her it is something about principles. He is defendin Tom Robinson, a black person.

Tom Robinson is accused of raping Mr Ewell's daughter. The Ewells are a family that goes just one day to school and never return. Judge Taylor tries to be neutral in a racist society. Mayella Ewells version was simple. Tom tended to help her and once she asked to bust a chifforobe. The nigger helped her but after that he grabed her from her neck and raped her.

I would be a believable story except that no one took her to a doctor or called a policeman. Atticus questione Tom. He said he usually helped Mayella because no one in her house did it. Once, she tried to seduce him, however, he was married and he did not want to do anything. Mr Ewell finds them and believes they have a relationship. After that, he might have hurt Mayella because of his anger.

In spite of strong statements and weak accusations, Tom is condemned. However, he escapes but it is not enough to have freedom in this planet. He is caught and killed.

Mr Ewells is really angry for Atticus defense. Actually he argued with him. Once, when Scout and Jem were going home because the girl had forgotten something, Mr Ewell hurt the boy and the girl. The man who saves them is Radley. Jem is very weak and Mr Finch must call a doctor. When Jem was defending he killed Mr Ewells.

Atticus understands the only right way is telling the police everything he knows in order to clean the name of his son. However, the officer tells him he does not care for it and he understands everything that happened.

It is a beautiful story in the racist USA. An attempt to remembre these days Trump has become the Republican Candidate.

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